Puppy Classes

In addition to the Puppy Kindergarten classes below, we are now offering Private Puppy training for pups between 8 and 14 weeks old. We offer this in both In home format and the 2 week board and train. People have been very happy with results. In addition to clearly teaching the pup a reward based system for learning, we can kick start the house braking process. In addition to the private lessons, we include the weekly Kindergarten class (read below) in Massapequa for free so you can further socialization and begin distraction training. Call 516-785-8200 to learn more and set up an appointment with a trainer.

Puppy Kindergarten in MASSAPEQUA

Training and Socialization
We are proud to offer our puppy training and socialization class to the community.. Over the first 10 years we have separated ourselves from the masses of trainers by offering a high level of obedience training to our clients. We have worked hard to create a solid reputation and are happy to start training the littlest and newest dogs in our community.

Why is our puppy class different?

When we first ventured into puppy class a few years ago, we couldn’t see results that were different from someone who attended our class, a food only based trainer, or a petsmart / petco class. We considered this a total failure! We made a few seemingly minor changes in technique and philosophy and we have huge differences in our class. People who come to puppy class, and then carry on to the adolescent/ adult training are training much faster, with better results.

Why Puppy Kindergarten is Important?

Eight to 14 weeks is the Critical Socialization period for puppies! Many people miss this and accidentally create fearful adult dogs. Due to the nature of puppies, however, they should not be put through strict obedience training at a young age.Babies need to be babies and they need to be given time to grow up. Proper foundation, good communication, and socialization are the key ingredients to a happy student puppy, and a well behaved adult dog. Older dogs need more guidance and real obedience training after 4 or 5 months of age. People find the very techniques that worked great at a young age, fails them with older dogs. THIS IS NORMAL.

Don’t miss out on the Critical Socialization Period for puppies. Making sure you and your pup have good communication together, socialization to people and dogs, an introduction to obstacles, noises, and environments will help build the proper foundation for a well behaved adult dog.

Puppy Kindergarten - Dogs up to 4.5 months

This 5 week course teaches you and the pup to work together, promotes good socialization, and sets the stage for formal obedience training later on. This is a positive only and food based course.Each session will be 60 minutes, and we will have extra time for all the questions you have about your newest family member.
This is designed as a flexible open enrollment course so you can sign up for the month you want to start attending any week with your puppy, and complete weeks in your time frame. We are also flexible with the goals you have for your pup. Surprisingly, most dogs, pets, hunting retrievers, future protection dogs, and therapy dogs need to have similar skill sets. The work we do in communicating with the pups, socializing with people and dogs, the ability to follow direction both verbally and from the hands, overcoming initial fears and learning the joys of agility equipment in our class builds confidence and a common bond between puppy and their owner, regardless of the pups role in the world.

In the 5 weeks we will cover:

Tell Me More About Puppy Class?

We offer three convenient locations in WANTAGH and in Massapequa, and Rockaway Beach . For dates and times, check the list below and sign up today for the class that’s best for you. We offer both convenient after work hours and fun weekend playtime with your puppy! All locations are clean, well-stocked with fun activities for your dog and a great time for all.Join this week, and get a discount on an adult program when your pup grows up, so don’t wait any longer!

Due to the ages of the puppies, they will not have completed all of their vaccinations. This is expected and in line with this recommendation from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. The pups must have their first round of shots and have had at least 2 weeks in your home with no sign of illness before attending class.
Cost: $149