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  • No more "demon twins" for this Copiague couple.

    I was at the point of total frustration and running out of ideas on how to handle not one but two, totally out of control dogs. My husband referred to them as “the kids,” and I called them my “demon twins.” Either way, they were even putting a strain on my marriage. There was no winning. He kept telling me they were still puppies and I knew that if we didn't get our puppies under control that there was to be no happy medium in the household. That was until I was fortunate enough to find Best Friend’s Dog Training, and to meet their trainer Kimberly. From the moment Kimberly entered my home and getting to know her and her own personal story I knew I had found my answer. Kimberly understood all the stress I was going through, it was like she was walking in my shoes. She assured me that my “wild beasts” could be the dogs that I wanted. And she was correct. She arrived at my door that first evening and stayed with us and answered all questions with great patience. She made numerous follow up calls in between scheduled appointments to see not only on how the dogs were making out, but to see how I was doing too! I am happy to say that 6 months later, not only was she right about my dogs now being dogs, but the stress is now gone and we are enjoying our 4-legged friends. A marriage saved, a happy household once again, all things I never thought possible. - Corey F. with Diezel and Sage, Copiague, NY

  • From "Reality Show Reject" to Real Life Super Star

    When I adopted my dog Elsa in 2005, I knew she was troubled and aggressive, but I was prepared to do anything to help her. I took Elsa to about a dozen trainers, including 2 who are famous TV personalities. Elsa even auditioned for a training show on Animal Planet, but they turned her down because they said they did not believe they could succeed with her. One vet even called Elsa "untrainable." I suspect I spent about $10,000 on Elsa, including vet bills and expensive board and trains. One of the TV trainers gave up and said, "maybe Elsa just isn't the right dog for you." In 2010 Elsa had an aggressive episode and crashed me into a steel railing, breaking my arm and 2 fingers. My friends and family insisted it was time for Elsa to go. Than I found Frank Bonomo at Best Friends/Mutt Manners. Elsa stayed at his facility for about a month and I was astonished by her transformation. She was still my sweet loving girl, and still a good guard dog, but she was perfectly obedient. I believe Frank saved Elsa's life. I have not been able to find another trainer, no matter how experienced or celebrated, who was able to help my girl. I welcome contact from anyone who would like to hear my experience.  - Kristin Bacorn