Board and Train

Best Friend’s Dog Training is proud to offer our Board and Train program. This is a two-week boarding program that is followed up with private lessons in your home. Over the years, this program has exploded in popularity. Board and Train is our most referred program and existing clients recommend it highly to their friends and family.


Why Choose Board & Train?

Ever wish you could send your dog to an expert? And when dog came back home, he or she would be well-trained, great on or off leash, pay attention to you (and only you) on your walks and not lose their cool when the doorbell rings? Best Friends Dog Training is that great place. We exist, and we can help you and your dog.

People who choose to Board and Train sometimes don’t have the time to train their dog in the consistent manner that works best. People also choose to Board and Train when they are going away on vacation, pregnant, or have a dog that is physically stronger than they are.

This program is also ideal for skittish or timid dogs. The Board & Train Program Can Include Dog or Puppy Housebreaking

How Our Dog Board and Train Program Works

It’s easy. Your dog will come and stay with us for two weeks. At the end of the two-week intensive phase, your dog will know all the basic commands (Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Down, Off, Leave it, and Place) both on leash and off leash.

Your dog will be trained 2-3 times every day. Everywhere. In a home, outside, near shopping centers, around other dogs, squirrels, people, cars, etc.

We introduce the dog to as many different circumstances as possible. Between training sessions, your dog will have playtime, snacks, and walks.

When your dog returns home, a trainer will give you the first follow-up lesson in your home. Best Friend’s Dog Training insists on the follow up training sessions to make the training long-lasting and effective so the owners understand what to do once the dog has returned home. Two subsequent follow-up lessons will then be scheduled, to make sure that the owner knows how to keep up the basic obedience training and can ask any questions.

Dogs must be at least 4 months old to start training. Vaccines, including Bordetella are required for the Board and Train program.

What's included in the Board and Train program?

  • Two weeks of boarding, including food and snacks
  • Daily personalized training lessons for your dog
  • Private follow-up lessons in your home
  • Your choice of traditional leash-based training, or modern remote collar on & off leash training.
  • Optional Housebreaking Training
  • Lifetime, unlimited group classes and membership in the Best Friend’s Dog Training Community

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