We love our dogs, and we’ll do a lot for them. We know that accidents happen, but they should be accidents and not normal behavior! Housebreaking or housetraining a dog or puppy can be frustrating, tiring and you may want to give up. Don’t! We can help!

Please keep in mind that by enrolling your dog in our basic obedience training, your dog’s housetraining skills will often improve. Some people prefer a more intense program where the dog stays with us to start the housebreaking process.

Getting a Head Start on Housebreaking Your Dog

Best Friend’s Dog Training offers customized programs that will give you a good start to housebreaking your dog or appropriately aged puppy.

We will personalize this program to your needs including your schedule, and potty method of choice: Outside, wee-wee pad training, litter training, or a combination of methods.

In-Home or Board and Train Housebreaking

We offer programs working with you in your home, or you can choose to add “housebreaking” on to your Board and Train program. For more information about these options, please contact us or call us at 516-785-8200 or 212-785-8200 and set up a free consultation with a Best Friend’s trainer today.