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Obedience Training

Our Basic Obedience Programs already surpasses most trainers Advanced obedience programs. This is a little different. We've had requests for dogs to stay in a trainers home, teach housebreaking skills to the dogs, or to just keep the dog by a trainers side almost 100% of the time. Although we have found and proven a few thousand times over that this isn't necessary, some people still prefer the extra personalized attention. Other people want obedience that isn't usually taught or specific skills like Service dogs, do Narcotics Detection, Protection, Hunting dog training. This page is dedicated to those programs. We will price these a la carte. Here are some things offered. If you want something and don't see it here, please ask us.

Personalized Board and Train

In this program your dog will be assigned to a trainer and live in that trainers home. They will return on leash trained, and (barring any major emotional problems with the dog) off leash trained as well. We have rehabilitated many skittish and timid dogs with our training programs. Your dog will be with us for 3-4 weeks. We want to go beyond the training stage and begin the habit forming stage before your dog returns home. Up to 3 follow up lessons in your home are included, as are our Lifetime Group Classes. Due to the amount of attention given, we only accept two or three dogs to this program per month.


This program will give a good start to housebreaking your dog. We will personalize this program to your needs including your schedule, and potty method of choice: Outside, Wee wee pads, Litter, or a combination of methods.
Board and Train with Housebreaking

This combines both programs and is VERY labor intensive. Combines both the Board and Train and Housebreaking programs. The usual time frame is 6-8 weeks for both programs.

for Regular Kennel Based Board and Train with Housebreaking program.

for Personalized Board and Train with Housebreaking program.

Other Skills

Please Call for Pricing
Backwards Heel
Forced Fetch
Send Away
Directions from a distance
Narcotics Detection Training