Anthony retired as a K9 officer with his partner Mac from MTA Police. After years of working daily with his dogs, he decided to spend some time helping people enjoy time with their pets.

We asked Anthony a few questions so that you could get to know him better!

BFDT: Approximately how long have you been a trainer?

Anthony: I have been with BFDT for about a year, and I was a K9 patrol/bomb detection handler for 15 years.

BFDT: Can you tell us a little about your dog training experience and your certifications?

Anthony: I trained and worked two patrol/bomb protection dogs for 15+ years as a police officer with the MTA Police Department, and have bomb detection and patrol dog certifications; in addition, I've attended countless K9 handler courses and seminars.

BFDT: How would you describe how you specifically can help our clients and their dogs?

Anthony: From experience, I have learned how to read and understand dogs, and find what motivates them to want to listen, and learn what the owner is trying to teach them.  I feel that training the owner, and making sure they understand the program and why their dog is behaving a certain way is the key to any good trainer.

BFDT: What is one weird, random, and/or fun thing about you that most people don't know (or wouldn't expect) about you?

Anthony: I am in my high school's Athletic Hall of Fame.

BFDT: Last question...what do you like to do for fun?

Anthony: I enjoy coaching my daughter's travel softball team, and attending as many concerts as possible!