Nicholle has been training dogs in New York since 2015. While training with BFDT she is very popular with our clients. She did in home lessons, board and trains and ran lifetime group classes. Nicholle in November of 2022 moved and opened a branch in Florida. We are excited to have her expand in the Tampa area!


We asked Nicholle a few questions so that you could get to know her better!


BFDT: Can you tell us a little about your dog training education?

Nicholle:  In 2014, I found myself in a position where I was working in an office but felt as though I was missing something.  I was able to secure myself a position to apprentice under the guidance of the lead trainer and supervisor for the NYPD’s prestigious Counterterrorism K-9 Unit.  It was here that I found my passion as a dog trainer.  I was able to work hands on with a variety of dogs from working dogs to pet dogs, and learned how to identify, dissect, and modify both simple and complex behavioral issues.

BFDT: How would you describe how you specifically can help our clients and their dogs?

Nicholle:  I believe there are a lot of talented dog trainers in this world, where I can offer the greatest assistance to our clients is by my understanding of how the dogs mind works and, in my ability to teach people.  Being a talented dog trainer can’t help our clients if we can’t effectively relay the information so that our clients can be the best dog handlers and pet parents they can be. My number one goal is to help our clients and their dogs live together in harmony 

BFDT: What is one weird, random, and/or fun thing about you that most people don't know (or wouldn't expect) about you?

Nicholle: When I was a small child I was deathly afraid of dogs. Whenever we were around a dog my dad had to hold me or I’d cry. 

BFDT: Last question...what do you like to do for fun?

Nicholle: I like to cook and bake, I also love the beach and hiking when its warm enough. This San Diego girl likes to hibernate during the winter with Netflix and snacks.