Susan recently started with BFDT in the summer of 2021, but she is a long-time friend of both Scott and Frank, and has been privately training dogs for over 25 years! She was a certified trainer at Petco for three years while she was also a manager, and has done AKC handling, obedience, and agility in her younger years...she then moved on to IPO, IGP, Mondioring and PSA. She has achieved many titles with her own dogs as handler/trainer.

We asked Susan a few questions so that you could get to know her better!

BFDT: Can you tell us a little about your training education?

Susan: I apprenticed under a Master Trainer who was very well known in the dogsport world. I learned my craft on dogs who were bred for policework, security and protection. I became a Petco trainer while I was working a managerial position. I was always wanting to know more so I attended endless seminars around the country...some of the seminars I attended were Bart Bellon, Michael Ellis, Henny Bolster and Mike Suttle. I learned all systems of training obedience as well as scent discrimination and protection.

BFDT: How would you describe how you specifically can help our clients and their dogs?

Susan: I know how frustrating it can be living with a difficult dog or be so overworked that training your family pet can become a daunting chore. I love to teach and simplify the whole process. I love to take that difficult dog whose next stop is the shelter and teach manners. I have patience of a Saint, and will under promise and over deliver. Just as I can evaluate a dog, I can also evaluate the owner and improvise a perfect plan that will suit both. I personalize the experience. No cookie-cutter dog training here!

BFDT: What is one weird, random, and/or fun thing about you that most people don't know (or wouldn't expect) about you?

Susan: I am a tropical fish enthusiast! I am working on my planted discus fish tank as we speak. Another fun fact is that one of my dogs was in the movie The Joker (and we got to meet Joaquín Phoenix)!

BFDT: Last question...what do you like to do for fun?

Susan: I am an avid outdoorsy type who loves camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking and exploring waterfalls.